These pumps are mixed flow centrifugal pump, which has multiple stages of Impeller and bowls.

Vertical pumps are in demand where customer require a massive volume of water to be pumped.

Vertical Turbine Pump is installed in the sump where the motor is on the floor or surface.

The benefit of Vertical Turbine Pump

A vertical turbine pump doesn’t require a water source that gives a Suction pressure Positive. This kind of Pump can work without priming.

The average supplies for these Pumps are underground tanks or wells.

While working, these Pump power water up through the Column Pipe to Discharge head.

No need to check the alignment, Space-saving: Vertical Turbine Pump save around 65-75 % less floor space compared to Horizontal Pumps
At different water levels, column length can be adjusted accordingly

Application of Vertical Turbine Pump

Irrigation, Water Supply, General Industry, Cooling water circulation, Intake from River and Fire Fighting

Vertical Turbine Pump working with HT & LT Electric Motor and Engine Driven Vertical Turbine Pump

Working of Vertical Turbine Pump

While installing Vertical Turbine Pump, please check whether you have received unique tool and spanner along with the pump,
Also, ensure that you have extra O-Rings and Packing with you, it might be possible during installation it can damage

While the trial run of Vertical Turbine Pump, please ensure Vibration it does not exceed 85 dB. Otherwise, there is a chance to shears shaft
due to excess vibration

Impeller level is to be adjusted from the rattle housing-bearing nut it can lift to 25-30 % from the bottom of the impeller

Lubrication: You have two choices of lube one is self-lubrication, and the other is external Lubrication, where you have to provide freshwater or precise water arrangement through the pipe for lubrication, it depends upon liquid, which has to pump.
Please ensure the said before ordering of Vertical Turbine Pump.

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