Here is with some comparison between Vertical Inline Pumps and Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Looking to the design aspects we will always choose Vertical Inline Pump and Not Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Advantages of Vertical Inline Pumps

  • Around 60 % Saving of Space
  • No Foundation Required
  • No Base Plate and Coupling Guard Required
  • Easy to Install
  • No Alignment of Pump & Motor required for Vertical Inline Pumps
  • Easily you can replace Mechanical Seal
  • Less Spares Inventory
  • No Maintenance
  • No Bearing Housing part in pump, so Bearing less pump
  • No Wear & Tear in Coupling Rubber Parts, due to split type rigid coupling

Disadvantages of Horizontal Split Case Pumps

  • More Space required
  • Foundation required
  • Base Plate and Coupling Guard Required
  • Alignment required of Pump & Motor
  • More Spares Inventory
  • Wear & Tear of Coupling Rubber Parts due to Misalignment
  • Tuff to replace Mechanical Seal take more time

Global Brands Manufacturing Vertical Inline Pumps: Armstrong, Xylem, Kirloskar, Wilo and Grundfos

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