Dragflow is an Italian manufacturer, their specialty in the field of Dredging, Mining, and General Application.

Dragflow manufacture Vertical Electric and Vertical Hydraulic Submersible Pumps with the attachment of Jet Ring, Agitator, Cutter and Excavators

Dragflow has its installation in most of the countries.


1) Harbour Dredging Italy:

Dragflow has commissioned HY 85/160 Hydraulic Dredging pump installed on the telescopic boom with a high-pressure water jet ring and anti turbidity bell.
Dredge is also equipped with a full version of the Dredging Monitoring System and coupled to increase the considerable distance.

2) Port Construction Georgia:

The project work was Widening and Cleaning of the commercial harbor in Georgia. Dragflow commissioned Dredge with 2 Dredging units.
The first Dredging unit on the Dredge board to work in the main area and second unit mounted on an excavator to work on the shore.

3) Harbour Dredging Chile:

Dragflow has installed EL60B Electric Submersible Pump that is working in series equipped with high pressure jetting the system allowed fast cleaning for the operation of the port

4) Harbour Cleaning Piombino Italy:

Dragflow has commissioned HY400B Hydraulic pump with EXH-35 02 Excavators with Jet Ring coupled with Hydraulic Power Pack.

5) Harbour Maintenance Marina Sveva Italy:

Marina Sveva was facing a problem due to a sea current caused by a dam too much sand sedimentation along the inside harbor.
Dragflow commissioned DRP-18 Remote Controlled dredge equipped with Dredging pump model Electric EL12.5S Pump.

6) Dirillo Dam dredging Sicily Italy:

Dragflow commissioned Diesel driven dredge with hydraulic pump model HY300B with EXHY-35 hydraulic cutters for removal
alluvial sediments accumulated in the lake near dam bottom spillway

7) Environmental Dam Cleaning Ambiesta Dam Italy:

Dragflow commissioned HY85/160B Hydraulic-driven pump with EXHY-20 cutters with the arrangement of Anti turbidity bell for cleaning of Hydro-Electric Dam

8) Dam Dredging Eritrea:

Dragflow commissioned HY85/16B hydraulic driven pump with EXHY-20 cutters coupled with CAT C9 Hydraulic Power Pack for dredging the bottom for increasing water volume of the reservoir

9) Geo Textile Filling Poland:

Dragflow commissioned High-Efficiency Hydraulic-driven pump with Excavators to fill-up Geotextile.

10) Beach Reclamation Bibione Italy:

Dragflow commissioned HY85HC pump with DTM85 cutter head for beach reclamation. The combination of the cutter head with agitators to avoid clogging issues.

11) Channel Dredging Germany:

Dragflow commissioned HY85B with EXHY-20 Excavators mounted and driven by  Hydraulic power pack CAT-324 on floating
platform to perform excavation on the channel for Dredging of deposited sand, lime, and gravels

12) Storm Water Ponds Cleaning, Toronto, Canada:

Dragflow commissioned transportable remote controlled dredge with HY-50 and cutter knife to be able to work in the presence of weeds.
Silent Hydraulic Power Pack with Oil hoses spooler with 80M of Oil line.
Dragflow dredge will work together with a geotextile mac tube to capture solids and let the water return into the pond.

13) Deepening Pun Hlaing River Myanmar:

Dragflow commissioned HY85B Hydraulic Driven pump with Cutter and Control Valve, Piping Kit, Hoses, Pipes, and Floater.
The length of the pipe commissioned was 130M.
Deepening and normalization of the Pun Hlaing River, the total river dredged were 30 Miles.

14) Sand Extraction River Niger Nigeria:

Dragflow was contacted by Nigerian Dredging Company, about acquiring a dredge to increase their capacity to dredge
sand with a previously owned cutter suction dredge, cutter suction dredge has a limit of digging up to 10-12M.

Dragflow commissioned HY400 Submersible pump to reach a depth of 35M with this solution customer was very much satisfied
with the production that is being achieved

15) Rio Magdalena Dredging Colombia:

The Rio Magdalena project consist in dredging the river for more than 900 KM with necessary depth for allowing the
navigation of commercial boats.

Dragflow commissioned 06 Unit of Dredging unit consists of Hydraulic Pumps with two hydraulic excavators. Each dredging the group has been coupled with the boom of an earth-moving machine and commissioned two Amphibious Dredges to be able to work on water, on land and in any kind of swamps or shallow water

16) Sand and Gravel Dredging Kazan Russia:

Dragflow commissioned their dredge unit HY400+ 2 EHXY 35 Excavators, Maximum power of 400 HP with the outlet of 12.” coupled with Diesel motor CAT C18 – Setting 470 KW – Variable displacement oil piston pumps for maximum efficiency. Dragflow unit designed for hourly production of 500 Ton of dry material with working depth up to 30M with Solid Handling capacity of 120 MM

17) Sand and Gravel Extraction Colombia:

Dragflow commissioned HY300 pump with hydraulic EXHY-35 Excavator; an Electric Power Pack drove pump for sand and
gravel extraction from the Columbia River and was able to pump solids with the static head of 20M and
Horizontal distance up to 600-700M    

18) Sand and Gravel Extraction in Nebraska USA:

Dragflow supplied Hydraulic Pump HY400 complete with cutters EXHY-35, the diesel-driven hydraulic power pack of 470 KW complete with Cabin, Winches, and Hoist to M/s Werner Construction Inc

19) Sand Extraction Remote Control – Tyumen region, Siberia Russia

Dragflow commissioned Remote Controlled Dredge with high capacity of Pump Model – EL-1204HC. Dragflow provide a piece of equipment with mini size, mini power having an excellent capacity to reach a swamp region
which can easily convenient to transport, the said was operated for sand extraction to make foundation for an oil rig tower.

20) Mine Pond Dredging Indonesia:

The mine where Dragflow Dredger is working is one of the most significant gold and copper mine in the world
located in the province of Papua
Dragflow commissioned Dredger equipped with HY400 and 2 cutter EXHY-35. This dredger can pump
up to 1200 M3/h of the mixture with solid concentration as high as 50 % by weight and up to a distance
of more than 1 KM

21) Open Pit Mine Clean up Peru:

Newmont Mining Peru, Open-pit cleaning, presence of abrasive material with solids
Dragflow commissioned HY85B with EXHY-20 excavators.

22) Heavy Duty Slurries in Mines Peru:

Dragflow pumps are installed EL-35, EL606. EL-606 is supplied with cooling jacket, to work partially submerged, high-pressure water jet ring, temperature control and moisture sensor in Cerro Verde, Antamina and Orcopampa mines in Peru to handle slurry with high specific gravity and solid concentration up to 70%

23) Gold Mine Tailings Dredging Turkey:

Turkey gold mine tailing reclamation, Remote-controlled mini dredge, working depth 20M with 50 % solid concentration, Dragflow commissioned
DRP12.5SS dredge series control system with double inverter

24) Mine Pond De-Sludging Chile:

Chuquicamata is by excavated volume the most prominent open-pit copper mine in the world. Dragflow commissioned. DRP-18 to clean up the sedimentation of the water supply plant of the mine.

DRP-18 is a safe and reliable dredging solution and will permit to keep in operation, this vital part of the production process. The particular unit is also equipped with Dragflow Advanced Control Panel that will allow recording the essential daily parameters of the machine for early detection of possible failure but also a detailed analysis of daily operations.

History of Dragflow: Dragflow started in the 80s as a manufacturer of massive duty submersible pumps for pumping slurries with very high solid concentrations. Today dragflow is known worldwide for being one of the
leading producers of pumps and dredging systems, fully committed to technological innovation.

Dragflow Pumps – Pumping the Impossible

Dragflow submersible pumps are manufactured in Italy using the highest quality materials with wide range covering electrical and hydraulic driven pumps

General Features:

Duble Set of Seal to ensure Motor protection
Flow ranging from 50 M3/H to 4000 M3/h
Solid concentrations between 30 % – 70 % by Weight
Solid Passage up to 120 MM

Dragflow Pumps
Via Paesa 46048, Roverbella (MN) Italy
Ph: +3903761685400
Mail us: sales@dragflow.it
Web: www.dragflow.it

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