API is an organisation which set technical specifications for Oil and Gas Industries

Definition of API: Pump which is design to meet the American Petroleum Institute

What stands for 610: API 610 is standard for Centrifugal Back Pullout Pump, Horizontal Split Case Pump, Turbine Pump, Inline Pump, Multistage Pump

API Pumps: Casing Centerline Mounted, Bearing Housing: Steel, Large Stuffing Box, Sealing as per API standards

API Pumps are suitable for high-temperature liquids

API Process Pump

Sulzer Pumps India Limited

The BBT/BBT-D 2 Stage radially split ISO 13709 / API610 type BB2 Pumps offer the broadest range of hydraulic performance in industry.
The BBT-D  double suction impeller provides reduced NPSH3 for tough service in refineries and other critical application
(Source: www.sulzer.com)

Kirloskar Ebara Limited

API Process Pump: Overhung Type, OH2 Series, KESS (UCW) Pumps
Capacity: up to 1870 M3/Hr, Head: Upto 380 Mtr, Temperature: -104 Deg C to 425 Deg C
Pumps are designed as per API 610  (Source: www.kepl.in.net)

KSB Pumps Limited

CHTR – Centrifugal, High-Pressure Multistage Barrel Pump to API 610

CHTR – Optimum Efficiency in all process
Single and Double entry CHTR multistage barrel pumps are available in 5 sizes- with up to 16 stages for over 30 hydraulic configurations.

This modular design, combined with the standard option of turning down impellers guarantees the optimum and most efficient solution at all times.

CHTR pumps can, therefore, be matched to the specific needs and requirements of a wide range of process.

Small capacities at high pressure
Large capacities at medium pressure
Operation around the clock
Periodic operation at short intervals

RPH is a single-stage, radially split pump in back pullout design (as per API 610/10th edition) with end suction top discharge. It has a single entry enclosed radial impeller. (Source: www.ksb.com)

ITT Corporation India Private Limited

Goulds 3700LFI API OH2 Overhung, Single Stage Radially Split
High temperature and pressure process pump that meets or exceeds ISO 13709 and API 610 11th edition.
Safety, reliability and versatility are the keyword for our end suction, centreline-mounted, overhung (OH2) API 610 process pump

Goulds 7200SB  API610 (BB5) Barrel Multistage Pump
API610 11th Edition, API BB5 Barrel Multistage, Radially Split In-Line Diffuser type High Temperature, High Pressure
Low Specific Gravity BB5 Barrel Pump for critical Services.

Goulds 3171 Vertical Sump and Process Pumps
API610 11th Edition, compliant VS4 Sump pump. The Model 3171 is the Veteran vertical sump and process pump.
(Source: www.gouldspumps.com)


SCE Horizontal, Centerline Supported, Single-stage API610 Process Pump (OH2)

The SCE Process Pumps (OH2) are horizontally mounted radial split case single stage, single suction, heavy-duty centrifugal process pumps with a back pullout design for easy maintenance.

They are designed for continuous duty, pumping various fluids, with a combination of mechanical and installation features for application in petroleum, petrochemical and industrial product service.

The SCE pump is designed to comply with the latest edition of API610 & API682. (Source: www.ruhrpumpen.com)

Flowserve India Controls Pvt Ltd

API Process Pumps-HPX
The HPX pump is the workhorse of the oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing industries, boasting unequalled versatility, reliability
and safety. The HPXis an overhung one stage pump and fully compliant with ISO 13709/API610 (OH2) design criteria (Source: www.flowserve.com)

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